Accelerate your Customer Loyalty Program

About the Customer Loyalty Accelerator App

You don't need to get rid of your current loyalty customer program to achieve greater results. Just accelerate it with the Customer Loyalty Acelerator POS terminal app.

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is a unique POS terminal app that ignites greater revenue in your loyalty program. It works more quickly than other programs and generates better, more accurate data, helping you identify your best customers. Simply put, it motivates customers to engage with your business through a cash-based incentive program that provides customers quick rewards. Unlike other loyalty programs that are designed to build loyalty over a long period, CLA accelerates the process so customers are motivated to spend money with you much sooner.

The CLA app integrates with your existing Clover or Shopify POS. It also works as a stand-alone. What differentiates the CLA program from other customer loyalty programs is it generates a pre-activated loyalty card, the Rewards Card Plus. In exchange for the card, your customers provide you their digital contact information. Customers are motivated to give you their data in exchange for the card because the card is already loaded with cash. Additional rewards are earned when the customer makes return visits and purchases at your store.

Use the CLA app to stimulate your current or new customer loyalty program.   
  • Identifies your best customers more efficiently and effectively than other customer loyalty programs
  • Motivates customers with a pre-activated cash card that they can spend in your store
  •  Integrates seamlessly with your Clover or Shopify POS
  • Customizes your customer loyalty program to personalize your customer relationships

If you’ve received an invitation from us to serve as a board advisor, please complete our application. Approved applicants receive a free six-month subscription to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator App. Learn more about becoming a board advisor.

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Are you capturing all your highly-valued customers’ contact information? Get actionable data from your best customers to level the playing field, compete with online competitors and increase revenues. Get started now with Customer Loyalty Accelerator.