Join our advisory board, reap the rewards.

About the Advisory Board

When you become an advisory board member, you'll receive a six-month subscription to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app. It is the best POS terminal app for igniting greater revenue in your loyalty program.

We’ve formed this Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for a simple purpose – to provide a direct line of communication with our most valued customers and receive constructive feedback on CLA from “real-world” merchants so we can continually improve upon our product quality and service. 

Board advisers receive substantial rewards for a relatively minimal contribution of their time and feedback.

  • A FREE (6) six-month subscription to the CLA Starter Plan 
  • A total of $1500 in RewardsCardPlus cash-incentive cards at no cost to you, with your store logo imprinted on the cards
  • An exclusive, personal relationship with Customer Loyalty Accelerator customer support, in addition to normal support
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Reports to monitor your success and ROI
  • Early access to program enhancements

Once your board advisor membership is approved, we ask you to:

  • Participate in the CLA program by distributing your allocated RewardsCardPlus to your most valued customers each month and orienting your employees about the program. 
  • Participate in one short monthly conference call per month to give feedback (about 10 minutes per call, 6 calls, one hour in total).  
  • Post feedback in the online forum once a week.
  • Provide an optional testimonial at the end of your free six-month subscription. 

Application is really simple.  Just complete the application form on this page. It takes less than a minute.

Membership is by invitation only by Customer Loyalty staff. If you were referred to this site by someone else, let us know if you would like to apply.

We are looking for a cross-section of retail merchants, from restaurants, coffee and bakery shops, fashion and beauty, clothing, hardware, sporting goods, gift shops and similar retail enterprises who desire to build greater loyalty and repeat business with their most valued customers.


to become an advisory board member